Friday, 9 July 2010

New Focus

Originally we decided that our project would be a music video with close relation to football, after the World Cup. However, after collective thought and feedback, we came to the conclusion that this was a weak idea, and therefore we reconsidered and decided to change the concept completely.

Now, we are focused on producing a short film, as we feel that this would enable us to broaden our media technical skills, and we would hence be able to show the examiners our true range of ability. After completing our film last year, we feel that the experience gained from the project, and also a clear understanding of the negative aspects of the clip would allow us to create a final film, which would be more defined and professional. We believe that following this route would be sensible as we are not going into an extremely difficult task, which we are not experienced in.

Currently, we are in deliberation on the concept and final idea of our clip.

initial idea and research

When thinking of an idea we were thinking of doing a football anthem, this idea came to us as it was during the World Cup in South Africa, therefore we were in the football mood. We are all interested in football and felt that this topic would encourage us to do well aswell as motivating us. There are many songs which have been produced in this field, so we have reseached some of them and then commented on how we feel this would fit into our ideas. original 1996 video 3 Lions

We like the idea of recreating the three lions music video as its a classic and a really good video with lots of potental for us to create our own version. We particulaly liked when they recreated famous moments from england games in the park and then copyed thier every action, we felt that this was good as we could attempt to do the same thing in the field by our home or at the beach, this gave us the idea of doing a theme of ameteurs copying there heros.  However, we feel that in order for our video to be succsessful, we would need to copy old footage from games, which isnt allowed as the clip needs to be original. Also because the song is so well known, to attempt to recreate it would be incrediblly difficult as people will always compare our video to the original. Hence for these reasons we probably wont use this music for our final piece. World in motion 1990

World in motion is another clip where we see potential ideas to copy, for example we like John Barnes rapping as this is an iconic moment in the film, i also like at the beginning when John Barnes and the main singer is merged with real game play in the background as we feel this is effective editing. However, as in the three lions 96, there is far too much old footage of games in the video, which we would be unable to recreate effectivly. 3 Lions 1998

At the beginning of the song we really like the commenter as we think that it is effective as it makes you feel that you are watching the game live, and therefore you feel the emotions from the missed penalty. We also enjoyed the final game at the end of the song against Germany, but in order fo this to happen we would need to hire or find an adequate space which would be very difficult and also we wouldnt be able to get the needed amount of people make the scene succsessful Shout 2010 Wavin flag-2010

media studies A2

This is the start of my A2 course and this year the group and myself will be hoping to create a succsessful music video. During the process, I will be updating our progress on my blog.