Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Film name- 'Face Down'

Our film name 'Face down' took a lot of discussion, debates and ideas, as we felt that it was vitally important that we chose the correct title that would express our film, we finally believe the name that we have decided expresses our clip very well. Our film name shows a lot of connotations that are relevant to the type of clip that we are wanting to display, firstly in the popular poker game 'Texas hold em', the cards are dealt face down in order to hind the cards from the opposing player. 'Face Down' also suggests that you are trying to avoid conflict and trouble, this is evident in our film as Shaun uses the aid of cheating to help ensure that he will win, and this act would obviously infuriate the other players. finally due to the horrible and troubled time that Shaun and his wife are facing, the term 'Face Down' also expresses that someones luck is down and they are going through a difficult period where they are looking for a way out.

Monday, 8 November 2010


In order to create a visual movement of the shots that we want to include in our film, we produced an effective animatic, which shows the story of our clip in pictures. To make this, we drew by hand a rough sketch of each shot that we wanted cohesively. we when took pictures of each individual shot, and then uploaded it onto the computer through 'Adobe Premier'. We then cropped and positioned each shot, and put them all together to produce a short film animatic. We then downloaded a 'non copywrite' piece of music, in the genre of the blues and an electric guitar, we got this piece of melody from '', we chose this genre of music as we would consider using it in our film.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


The Poker Film

Written By

Daniel Norris
Samuel Tyler
Ian Fry

Blank black screen, Man narrates

(Voice Over)
“I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly lucky guy”

Flash of light as the blank screen changes to that of a room, with a dingy overhead lamp shining onto a large poker table. The shot shows a man sat at the table, cards in hand and a stack of chips in the centre of the table. The man’s name is Sean.

(Voice Over)
“Poker’s a game where luck can come in pretty handy. Take a look (shows his hand of two Aces). But believe it or not this isn’t the type of place I tend to visit often or at all for that matter. First of all, take a look at my fine co-players”

Pan 360 degrees around the table revealing the five players at the table. The man running the game, called Eddie is sat at the end of the table nearest the corner of the room, and a ‘waiter’ is passing him an alcoholic drink from a tray. To his left is the woman dealing the cards, dressed informally. Next to her is sat a thuggish looking man with a shaven head, and in the seat along from him is a businessman in a suit.

“Call” (distractedly)

The dealer lays the flop, showing the Queen of Hearts, 7 of Clubs and the King of Spades

(Voice Over whilst play unfolds)
“In fact, I’ve never met any of these people in my life before, thankfully. They’re not your average upstanding citizen.


(Voice Over whilst play unfolds)
“You see, I come from a pretty normal background, at school I wasn’t exactly a genius, but I wasn’t thick either. I wasn’t the coolest kid around but I wasn’t a loser either. I was normal. But there was one thing in life that I loved. The army, it was my life. I was a rifleman in Afghanistan, and served 2 tours of duty. And I was good… (Trails off)
But…I was wounded in the shoulder during operations in the Helmand province; perhaps you’d like to see it”

Flashback scene: (POV) Running facing the ground, heavy breathing, then explosion launching the character backwards.

(Voice Over)
But I guess all good things come to an end. After that the army gave me a leaving present of a disability payment and an inability to work,

(Puts chips in)
“Play your hand or get out”

(Glares angrily, signals to call)

The river is revealed, audience don't know Eddie's hand so suspense is built. Eddie confidently throws hand on table

"Read it and weep"
(Sean reveals his hand to be the winner)
(Glaring across at Sean furiosly)
“Just take your shit and go”

Sean picks up the briefcase containing the winnings and exits the room

“Hey boss…” (Shows Eddie the ace left in the deck, revealing Sean has cheated”

“What the? That son of a bitch was cheating!”


(speaking to the camera)
“You see, I make my own Luck”
(Reveals an ace hidden up his sleeve)

In the background of the shot, the bouncer from inside is seen approaching him, and grabs his shoulder.