Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ancillary Task- Magazine film review

Above is our near finished film magazine review, as part of our second ancillary task. In order for it to be completed, we would replace the current image that is in the middle, with still images that would be from our film. The design of our review came from the inspiration that we got when flicking through the reviews in the Empire film magazines, a majority of them consisted of a brief description of the details of the new release, such as the certificate, when its released, the stars in the film etc, so we included this in the top left corner of the review. Also an interview from either the actors or the director was a frequent inclusion of the reviews from the magazines, and we thought that this would be a good idea, as we could create a mock interview with our film director, Sam Tyler, and then record it and retype the interview as part of the magazine.  

After filming, we carefully analysed the footage that we had shot, in order to select the most appropriate still images, that would be included as part of our final film magazine review. The pictures that we chose consisted of the two main characters in our film as they are the most influential, and they would be the main advertisers persuading people to watch the film. In doing this, it was important to show the mental state of the characters, to enhance their current feelings and the importance of them winning the game. The top image shows Sean, played by Sam Panton, heavily drinking the last of his spirit, this shows that the game isn't currently playing to his favour and he is now feeling that he may need luck to get him out of this horrible mess, this then enhances the bad times that he is suffering and is now showing his desperation. In comparison, the bottom image show Eddy, played by Edward Wills-Wood, smoking a celebratory cigar, as he is playing the game well, and it is working to his advantage. The facial expression of his face shows a smug arrogance as he feels that he is the only winner in this competition, and he will do everything within his power to reach his goal. 

In order to complete the process, we simply saved the still images from our film footage on Adobe Premier Pro onto a J peg. From there we were then able to import the image onto our film review on Microsoft publisher.