Wednesday, 20 October 2010

How the hand is planning to unfold

Initial Hands -

Sean Carter - Ace of Spades, Ace of Diamonds
Main Rival - Jack of Spades, Jack of Clubs
Character 3 - 10 of Hearts, 2 of Spades (FOLD)
Character 4 - King of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds
Character 5 - 6 of Hearts, 6 of Spades


Queen of Hearts, 7 of Clubs, King of Spades

Sean has - Pair of Aces,
Rival - Pair of Jacks
C.4 - Two pair - Queen and King
C.5 - Pair of 6's (FOLD)


Jack of Hearts

Sean has - Pair of Aces
Rival - 3 of a kind - Jacks
C.4 - Two pair - Queen and King (FOLD)


Ace of Hearts

Sean has - 3 of a kind - Aces (Wins)
Rival has 3 of a kind- Jacks

character background

Sean Carter- main character

Grace Carter- wife of Sean

The aim of our film is for the audience to sympathise with the main character, so they are continuously willing him to win. Sean was an ex-military soldier who fought in Afganistan, he unfortunatly was injuried during action and was forced to go home against his will, as a war vecteran. Sean always loved the army and felt lost without it, the shoulder injury that he obtained would mean that he could never be able to go back again, the only thing that comforted him when he got home, was the love and care of his wife, Grace. Soon after Sean got home, Grace was in need of a IVF, which would cost around £8000 which is more than a sick wife and a injuried soldier has in thier bank account, therefore as a last resort Sean decides that in order to save his wife, he needs to win this poker game.   

Shooting script

Camera in the middle of the table. Slight low angle, shows the poker chips and main character is holding cards, possible switch of focus.

We then see close up of cards – Aces
360 degrees panning shot of characters around the table starts and stops on main character
Betting starts, series of shots of players putting chips in (possible other the shoulder, mid shot), folding, looking at hands and showing extreme close ups of the eyes revealing emotion. Try to use this shot to make it clear that our Main character is inexperienced, other characters relaxed – smoking – close up.
Flop revealed – burn card face down with 3 cards face up. Close up of the flop.
Remind the audience of the initial hand and what combination he has now – close up of the eyes and reaction (possible smirk in some characters) Narrator (main character) reveals through audio the combination and new hand – This all establishes the setting neatly with the poker game and characters.
Flashback – using after effects (explosion and time-stop) Main character in army uniform running towards camera which then switches to a 1st person camera shot of the character running – facing the ground then sent flying back by explosion.  Dip to white/black.
Start of next round of betting following flop – and turn revealed (incorporate meta-language check, raise etc.) Betting raised some people fold – increases tension as only 3 of initial 5 remain.
Turn revealed after the burn card – again show reactions – narration over the top throughout – flipping the chips between hand.
Attempt a stop-time effect ‘let’s see what everyone has’ just as he starts to turn over the cards switches back to reality – ‘if only it was that easy’.
Next round of betting following the ‘turn’ – ALL IN – calls other guy only 2/5 left now increase tension. Use other the shoulder shot – become tighter on characters faces to indicate increased intensity.
Flashback – Extreme close up of negative pregnancy test, wife of the main character holding it in one hand shown in mid shot – crying. Main character hugs her picks up IVF treatment bill – close up of the documentation – two shot of husband and wife hugging – main character comforting her – use other the shoulder shot for any dialogue.
Changes between shots becomes quicker to show tension – of eyes -  and card as it is revealed shown to leave main character winner. Close up of smile. Piling money into rucksack/suitcase close up of the money – wide angle shot of packing money in. Reluctant loser – he leaves in wide angle shot though door – we then see other gamblers realising he has cheated seeing 5 aces for example.
 The following shot is outside with a fixed wide angle, the main character walks towards the camera, a close up of his sleeve as he takes out with narration over the top and then he is unexpectedly dragged back into the building and gang indicating he has been caught.
We are then back into the interior - we see a birds eye view, close up of the cards, pans out to reveal main character lying on the floor dead.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Ancillary task- initial draft of our film poster

As part of our auxillary task, we decided that we would create a poster where its primary purpose would be to create a sense of mystery and suspense, and due to the fact that our film is based around a poker hand game, we will want to create an effect, where the audience will be guessing until the end to find out the conclusion of the clip. Our poster was inspired by the film 'Buried', where they use the dark background to great effect, and our aim is to reconstruct thier poster, to make it relivant to our film 'Facedown'. In our final product, we want to continue the idea of suspicioun, by using the dark background, and we want a dangling lamp with a weak, dusty light hanging over a poker table which is scattered with cards and chips, the whole image constructs the concept of the film, which is a dark, gangster type poker game with high stakes.  


When it came to creating our moodboard, the aim was to highlight the main aspects of the film, to give the audience a good understanding of what the film is based around. The areas which we wanted to get across was gangsters, money, poker and healthcare. I feel that are moodboard expresses this well. We got hold of these images via a selection of empire magazines that a member of the group brought in, and these issues contained a great amount of advertisments which included pictures that we believed were relivent to our moodboard. With the collection of images, we created a collage were we placed the more important aspects of  the moodboard above the rest to highlight and express them better.