Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Aucillary task- narrative of the process

To underline the process of the production of our two chosen ancillary task, we decided that we would create a different type of distribution where all three members of the group each narrated the process. Achieving this was simple, as we firstly videoed ourselves talking, and then uploaded the video on Adobe Premier Pro where we separated the audio with the video, by deleted the video line. We then imported the relievent images to match the description and then placed them together to make the clip coheivive.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Ancillary task- film poster

Using Microsoft Publisher we created a teaser poster for our film - 'Face Down' embracing creative darkness inspired by the film 'Buried'. We narrowed our choices down to three a portrait poster with a poker-lamp at the top of the picture and a landscape or portrait  poster without the lamp. After discussing the options between us we decided that the lamp looked out of place and therefore ruled out that poster whilst the landscape poster is unpractical for use in magazines thus we chose the portrait poster without the lamp (poster 2). We also decided to ask for feedback from a focus group, another media student in our group Phoebe Ward commented "It's really good, it shows you what it is about in the poster as the poker table is the central focus however it doesn't give much away". We also found that most of the people we asked liked the film name - 'Face Down'. Sophie Sinclair said 'I think it's good, but it doesn't give much away and the gambling genre wouldn't appeal to us' however teenage girls aren't the demographic for our film. We asked another media student, Ollie Kent, to give us some feedback he said 'It's brilliant I definately want to  see it when it comes out, however maybe the poker table should be higher'.